Drew Walking Tall

In preparation for Drew’s corrective leg surgeries which would require us to live in Florida for an extended period of time, we hosted a variety of fundraising events in order to raise money for travel and living expenses.  Our community really came through for us and we managed to raise about $50,000 which helped us accomplish our goal for Drew.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles together with the UC Public Schools collected one million pennies for Drew!

In March 2012, we hosted the Drew Walking Tall silent auction.  Businesses and individuals donated baskets and were put up for silent auction at the Feedmill restaurant.  We also hosted a Chocolate Affair with donated chocolate desserts.  It was the most fun event we organized!  It took a lot of work and support from close family and friends to put this together and we managed to raise over $13,000 during this event alone!


In March 2013, we hosted a Walking the Walk for Drew 5K.  Again, family and friends came together to help organize this event for Drew and we raised over $5,000.

The Knights of Columbus also helped by dedicating money from a Bingo! night just for Drew.

The Union County Advocate sold candy to help as well.

A concert was given to help raise funds for Drew too!

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